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1. MapleFreeWorld V62 [NON-HAMACHI]
Rates: 750/500/10 [All-In-One-Shop][No Damage Cap][Cash Shop][Player Commands][Monsters fm 2-21][GM scrolls][No D/C][Open 15/7 in work days, and 24/7 in weekends][16m Exp Slimes in FM]][Max Stat Items][v80 GMS and v87 MapleSea Items,Mounts,Monsters]

2. MyMaple! - It's your story!
[V.62][Hamachi][Custom NPC's][All-In-One Shop][Importing Elin Forest! and Temple Of Time!!!][Friendly and active Staff][GM Apps Open!][75% Uptime][Lag Free][FM Bosses][Everyday Events][Pirates][Auto-Register][Skill Maxer]

3. PoliMS - Polski serwer MapleStory
PoliMS - Polski serwer MapleStory. Zapraszamy! PoliMS - Polish MapleStory server. Welcome and Have Fun! Server rate 1000x 200x 20x